01. 10. – 30. 11. 2018
Fourth Wave
Forth Wave

11.10. - 2.11. 19:00 2018 Marie Lukáčová & Martina Smutná: Leisure under Control

Time is. The way in which we separate it and name it depends on when, where and who we are. The separation of time into leisure and working hours is closely associated with the way society has moved towards different methods of self-organisation. This turning point came at some time around the notional beginning of the modern era.

Martina Smutná is interested in the relationship between the upper classes of the eighteenth century and today’s middle-class bourgeoisie. That which could from today’s perspective be called the idleness of the aristocracy (as depicted by, for example, Francisco Goya and Antoine Watteau), was in reality carefully planned time spent in the company of other socially highly-placed individuals – time that was organised, ensured, and supervised by the lower born serving class. As a result, the relationship between those who have power and those who seemingly have none is not entirely unambiguous. Smutná also considers even this type of ostensibly idyllic surroundings in terms of supervision and unwritten rules. These are spheres within which the public and the private intertwine, as well as where the seen intermingles with the invisible. The video entitled Ziva Mrtva also grew out of one of these places. Here, Marie Lukáčová makes concurrent use of documentary fiction and visual narrative formats to build a dual character who mirrors the thinking about the opinions about life roles conferred by contemporary society. This exhibition and its accompanying programme seeks escape routes from the current pseudo-leisure time. It creates mental and physical space for existence outside of working hours and, at the same time, away from the social game.

10.10. 18:00 Artist talk and discussion: Martina Mallaney, Marie Lukáčová and Martina Smutná

22.10. 18:30 A get-together of self-help argument group for women

According to research, women express themselves less in public space thanmen. One reason may also be they are afraid not to be able to defend their opinion. It is the aim of the self-help argument group to learn how to argue also in an environment, where we do not feel quite comfortable, or how not to be afraid to enter an argument clash. It is not however a training of peddlers or professional diplomats, who are supposed to sell their product or defend a prefab argument at any cost. Opinion formation is part of the argument – not to be afraid to defend an opinion that is not shared by anyone, yet on the other hand, learn to be inspired by one’s colleagues, acknowledge one’s mistake or change one’s opinion. An encounter where everyone is a student and a trainer at the same time. Just think over some topics you could not defend in the past or which you were afraid to say out loud. Women only.