The word SPACE symbolizes our long search for alternative ways to present contemporary art, extending beyond the traditional gallery formats. Space is anything between a studio and a symposium, a kitchen and a stage. Conceptually we wish to follow the current developments on the art scene and formulate our topics accordingly, instead of trying to shape the scene along our own topics. Space is to be a living thing, and “performative” in the broadest sense. Be it individual projects offering a sequence of events, discussions and presentations, or just emerging visual experiments, our common denominator is the emphasis on procedural aspects rather than the physical product. Space should be communal, based on rather narrow circles of people allied in a common interest or activity, and at the same time having the widest possible professional, social and geographic overlaps.

INI Project / SPACE is what we offer to artists, art theoreticians and curators for the period of two months, to transform it at will into their own studio, workshop, a meeting place, or an office. The only condition is organizing regular public events taking place once in two weeks. In times so strongly focused on the finished product we try, quite on the contrary, to highlight the process of originating, give the invited guests a chance to prepare new projects, artworks or texts, but also just to formulate topics they are currently interested in, and invite people not only from the art scene, who feel close to the artists’ work or way of thinking. Individual outputs are rather a sort of gradual experiments which might become an exhibition, a book etc. At the same time, all events are accessible to both the art scene and the general public. Thus the emerging ideas are often exposed to the very first reflection and discussion. 

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