02. 07. – 31. 07. 2020
Jana Doudová, Viktor Vejvoda
Trojan Tactics residency aka Toulouse - Prague - Berlin - Tiraspol - Seoul Cultural Embassy

9th July 18:00 Corona Cocktail exhibition

Corona Cocktail reflects upon the current global crises and brings together artworks, which present different layers of pandemic experience. Artists from various corners of the world share personal expressions and collected materials of our physical and online realities. Exhibition questions new behaviours and points out structural problems we face. 

Participating artists: Melanie Garland, Gemini Kim&Jaemin Paik&Cholhee Han, Ki Hyun Park, Sebastien Mazauric, Jakub Valenta, Viktor Vejvoda.

Trojan Tactics art collective will work in INI Gallery during the month of July as a 'Toulouse - Prague - Berlin - Tiraspol - Seoul Cultural Embassy’. In addition to a mediated international exchange and a laboratory concept of the gallery space, we will present a thermal-print-publishing, a solidarity cafe, an indoor laser graffiti and much more. An aim of this residency is to open a gallery space as a shared office for interaction. Composed evenings for public and open office days will be specified. Whole program will be composed by Jana Doudová, Viktor Vejvoda and guests. 

Program is organised in cooperation with curatorial collaborative association, curatorialcollaborative.net

The Project could be implemented thanks to the financial support of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the State Cultural Fund and a grant from the City of Prague.

29th July 19:00 Reverse Mantra Vinyl release party & Trojan Tactics open studio

Reverse Mantra project is pleased to invite you to a release party of a holographic vinyl designed by Gabriela Těthalová. Name refers to sound and repetition ― «mantra» as a song or a poem and a meditative state of mind in a painting process, «reverse» ties to a point where an order is disrupted to create something new and unpredictable. Single track was composed by Pia Achternkamp based on mutual improvised sessions.


Trojan Tactics open studio will present Samizdat Publishing outputs, Indoor Laser▧Graphite Constellation and Cardamon Street Coffee Bar, 12cm Deep.


Program will be accompanied by music sets from Pia Achternkamp and dj AJE.

Activity is held as part of Trojan Tactics and Curatorial Collaborative residency
aka Toulouse ― Prague ― Berlin ― Tiraspol ― Seoul Cultural Embassy at Žižkov.


picture credits: Gabriela Těthalová