01. 02. – 31. 03. 2019
Jakub Ra X New Aliens
Jakub Ra X New Aliens
16.2. 2019 18:00 - KOLAB - video screening

The residency of Jakub Ra, artist working with a community of people from the New Aliens Agency, will deal with issues of the nature and vulnerability of Self, which is undoubtedly connected with our identity, the ego, gender and society. However, in a proper and safe environment without a hierarchy, new visions of hybrid futures can develop. Key words are synthesis, intuition and consciousness.

The Program will introduce several discussions both with the invited guests and nonmodels from the Agency. Topics chosen will be based on the nonmodels’ own experience, while the guests invited will further elaborate on that and offer their critical opinion. A unique happening of all stakeholders should then arise from each discussion.

It is essential for the New Aliens to always invite new people via their statements, those who identify with their apprehension of the contemporary world and its future course. That is why most of the events will be based on working with the community, or it will be happenings for the general public and performances that assume a ritual form.

JAKUB RA is a visual artist, performer and creative manager, a LGBTQ activist and head of the New Aliens nonmodel agency. In the long run Jakub has devoted strong attention to the human body as the pivotal element of his artwork. That is why he has been active in so many media that relate to the body: fashion, photography, performance, food, human community and dance. In fashion he has been creating a multidisciplinary project SOTC (Sperm on the Clothes) for five whole years. In photography he depicts the human body in very complex and deep connections, elaborating metaphysically on all its overlaps, thus striving to work with the body as a real medium open to everyday existence. In his performances he works with the community of the Agency people, exploring the limits of vulnerability, the outreach of art into everyday life and people’s individual identity.

NEW ALIENS AGENCY is a nonmodeling agency, unique in its wholistic approach. It offers commercial representation of nonmodels, organizes castings, forecasting in various segments, experimental (art) projects and a whole community of remarkable people who try by means of their activities to deliver critical thinking about the contemporary systems and a variety of alternatives for the society as seen from the young generation’s viewpoint. The Agency represents not only the nonmodels, but also dancers or artists active in different media. 

The event takes place thanks to the financial support of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the State Cultural Fund and the City of Prague.