01. 04. – 30. 06. 2024
Natália Sýkorová
Consensus Fictions

If we acknowledge that fiction is a component of our cognitive framework, could we consciously craft fictional games that provide alternative narratives for navigating crises? Through performative readings, employing the alchemy of playing cards and immersive storytelling, strangers can become "soul mates." Together, we'll delve into the limits of our bodies using techniques like role-playing, embodied text, and collective world-building. We'll actively contribute to the spontaneous generation of myths and, within the context of the ecological crisis, seek out latent wellsprings of physical resilience.

Natália Sýkorová adeptly intertwines performative rituals, acting as gateways to alternate realities, where she delves into science-fiction tactics, queer futurism, collective myth-building, and ecological narratives. Employing speculative fiction methodologies, the artist crafts stories with the purpose of highlighting existence within varying ecological settings. She is deeply invested in constructing multifaceted realms, within which she stages performances that probe the limits of human existence, connectivity, ecology, magic, and non-human sentience.

The Project could be implemented thanks to the financial support of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the State Cultural Fund, a grant from the City of Prague.