UMA Audioguide is a platform for encounters between the public, contemporary artists and contemporary art, organized under the INI Project registered association. The UMA Audioguide Project is dedicated to activities in the field of informal education – informing about art and mediating it to a wider public. Our program consists mainly of preparing audio guides for noncommercial and independent art galleries in Prague, Brno and Ústí nad Labem.

UMA Audioguide has the form of dialogues guided by professional lecturers, with the exhibiting artists or curators of independent exhibition venues devoted to presenting contemporary art. Thus exhibitions of both domestic and foreign artists receive context, additional information, which may help visitors to access contemporary art. It is our aim to create a positive relationship between the general public of all age groups and contemporary art, and to help their orientation on the art scene, which may be often difficult without knowing the context. The simple form of a dialogue is not to substitute or paraphrase a press release, which mostly refers to the artist’s current exhibition; quite on the contrary, in the dialogue with the artist or curator we try to show what their starting points were, where their inspiration comes from, and what their exhibited artwork is aiming at, and often we ask questions you will not normally find in reviews.

UMA Audioguide is continuation of the UMAkArt Project, founded by Karina Kottová, Jana Babincová and Klára Adamcová in the year 2000, which delivered accompanying programs to independent art institutions.