01. 01. – 28. 02. 2017
Johana Pošová & Barbora Fastrová

14.2. / Pickdick Picnic

21.2. / Lover's Digest Jazz Dinner

28.2. / Bang Bang Ceremony

Pickdick Picnic:

To vernalize means to overcome winter cold, so that blossoms can appear again with the first rays of spring sunshine. As we all share the feeling that this year’s cruel winter will never end, demand arises for a supernatural force to help us overcome the freezing chill that creeps under the skin more and more.

With the help of activities between art and magic we shall do our best to conjure up the sensation of approaching spring for you. You can take part in the process of giving and taking. Be sure to grab your Valentine and feel what a nurturing bliss flows from holding a phallic object in your hands.

Lover's digest jazz dinner:

Each fasting begins with an essential event when the period of long and stringent austerity is preceded by a carnival (mardi gras) celebration. After the grand feast of love and its life-giving power we are approaching the next chapter of our journey – celebration of the end of the world we used to know.

This time the celebration will assume a more official form of a dinner and follow-up party with a jazz musician. As during the first event we will devote our special attention to one human organ. This time it will be the bowels (considered to be “ the second brain” in the Eastern tradition). Will you dare to turn up and join us for this very specific celebration of the forthcoming Lent?

Bang-Bang Ceremony

According to the Catholic Tradition this year’s 28th February is the official date of the first day of spring fasting, which will bring us to the celebration of the Resurrection. That will happen exactly 40 days from this specific day. Despite of the fact that this transitory period was introduced by Catholicism, it is rooted in Pagan faith, which responded to the natural rhythms of seasons of the year.

As continuation of the public program of the INI Project, you are invited to our last evening under the “Life Finds a Way” called BANG-BANG CEREMONY. We will try to follow the rhythm of your heart. That is why we must cleanse the surrounding space first and acknowledge emptiness of the white cube walls. In a meditative atmosphere our tremendous duo with the help of sophisticated instruments will follow the rhythm of your heart – third organ in our evening sequence. 

The Journey Through The Charkas - Life Finds a Way Manual To vernaliza is to overcome winter cold in order to bloom once again with the first rays of spring sun. Since we all have a feeling this year’s harsh winter won’t ever end there is a demand for supernatural force that would help us surviving the friezing cold growing upon us. In order to do so you should listen to your body and soul. Be careful and responsive to the needs and demands of your three chakras located in brain/intestines, genitals and heart. Please mind your inner voice and take the path that has been drawn under spiritual guidelines of Life Finds a Way. Don’t be sad, perplexed or down. Life Finds a Way! Believe in the power of your sexuality! It’s the most potent tool that has been given to you! Giving and receiving sexual pleasure should not be considered as an encouragement for procreation but another way how to reach elinghtenment and happiness. Penisman is a combination of genitals and talisman. With your penisman you will find satisfaction everywhere! Always look for the light in the tunnel. We are waiting you there! Every fasting starts with a fundamental event of a feast when a period of long and severe avoidance precedes a carnival celebration. After a big celebration of love assited by the love chakra hidden in the genitals and its life-giving power that lies in the penismans we are getting closer to the next chapter of our journey - a festivity marking the end of the world we used to know.  Farewell old dreams and utopias from the past. Let it be digest in the chaotic rhythm of jazz music. Let it be perished in the very depth of our intestines and released from our brain. It is the time for new to arrive. Lets approach it with empty stomach and clear head. Finds a Way is best provider of cmfort and high spirit. According to Catholic tradition, 28th February is the year’s official date of the first day of spring fasting that leads us to the ceremony of resurrection taking place exactly 40 days from the specific day. Despite this trasition having been introduced by Catholicism its roots are coming directly from the pagan beliefs responding to the natural succession of the seasons. Smile! It is the best cure when life gets you down. Smile with us! Even though everything has its own rhythm the whole world is determined by rhythm of your heart. How often do you listen to your heart? do you let it speak to you? Are you aware of all of the mysteries hiden in the song your heart murmurs to you everyday?  Let Life Finds a Way, your way! 

(Piotr Sikora)