01. 09. – 30. 10. 2016
Jan Nálevka
Me, who writes this book

Me, who writes this book is a processual project arranged by Jan Nálevka for INI Project _PROSTOR. After the first event when the emptiness of white walls of INI PROSTOR was filled with A4 sheets of paper - abstract and self-referential, black images - second one will be based on surrealistic concept of printing machines race. Several printers fully equipped with white paper will be competing with one another under Nálevka's careful look. Stemming from the meditative tradition of minimalist, abstract art, the artist's gesture will develop into a mechanical performance lead, yet not fully controlled by him. During his residency at INI Gallery, Jan Nálevka has prepared two public events connected to one another, taking place on October 12th and 26th.