01. 11. 2019 – 31. 01. 2020
clients of Jako doma / Like at Home and Magdalena Kwiatkowska
Magdalena´s Laundry

17th November 12:00 - 20:00 When You’re Here All Comes Easier to Me

Dearies, hop on bus No.133, 175 or 207 at Florenc and get off at U Památníku bus stop. Look around carefully and enter INI Prostor / Space on the opposite side of the street (Jeronýmova 88/9, Praha 3). Now we are making this temporary place our home together with Monika Koucká, Aranka, Linda Hauerová, Františka Ciglerová, Tereza Kiricuková and other kids and here we are also preparing a community laundry for you. We try to endow new functionality to a space that had been unused and abandoned for most of the day. This way we endeavor to be together, help each other and make lots of things clear to us. Things happen dangerously quickly here, at other times damned slow, anyway a lot happens here and is going to happen yet.

You are invited to:
Mini course in cooking and ”striptease” sausage stripping with Helenka Kracíková.
Practice in bodily defrosting after a long cold night.
Workshop on how to tear a plastic bag holding your groceries.
Debate on how not to be just one in the crowd.
Demonstration of how to drink in moderation and in excess.
Writing with your nail on glass.
Explanation of the term "deer in a sock" by Monika Koucká.
Demonstration of cooling one’s heart by a cold soda water with Klaudie.
Whole day course in group lethargy.
Afternoon quiz with Františka Ciglerová.
Early evening watching of The Street movie.
Get-together Dinner with all coming: eat what you “catch”.

Visit us on November 17. We shall be happy to welcome you and chat about what we can and cannot do.