01. 08. – 30. 09. 2018
Lenka Glisníková and Tania Nikulina
14. 9. 19:00   POPY STORY 2

A joint evening of Tania Nikulina and Lenka Glisníková is the second part of the POPY STORY series, whose pilot event was an invitation to the new ‘slippers showroom’. This time we let ourselves get carried away on the waves Touareg tea dripping under the canvas of meditation yurts. Perfect lighting of pastel show windows in the background and short small talks change hands with a promise of ritual initiation into some new forms of repose. Live music of Kateřina Palešníková and Jan Hrubeš dominating the vaulted premises is suggestive of meditation carried in the rhythm of collective bodies.
Taking bars for anxiety? Folk body swag. Would you care to choose one of the types of sleep, become assertive or format your senses according to your own standards?

A moment of relaxation, rest or meditation is the focal point of Tania Nikulina and Lenka Glisníková Residence (August – September 2018). Restful moments are accompanied by objects such as slippers, yurt or aroma lamps. These objects then serve as means to explore the borderline between the private and the public in the milieu of a home interior and its representation in the commercial sphere. Slippers are also props, a performative element posing a question where the dividing line runs between a design product and an artistic artifact. They both emerge from the newly established hybrid space, at one time a ceramic workshop, in another moment a reading room or a space for meditation. At the borderline between a showroom and home, a series of performative events takes place, floating in the fragrance of aroma lamps.
One part of the project consists in work with photo documentation, which expands as an evasive pattern onto the drapes, seating pillows or ceramics and other interior objects.

The event takes place thanks to the financial support of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the State Cultural Fund and the City of Prague.