06. 01. – 07. 01. 2018
Piotr Sikora
Sbohem Ai WeiWei!


January 6th:

5 PM artist's talk by Vincent Rumahloine
5:45 PM roundtable with artists participating in the exhibition featuring: Zuzana Jakalová, Vít Havránek, Radim Labuda
7ish PM opening with the performances by Gili Avissar and Jana Shostak 

Gili Avissar IS, Barbora Fastrová CZ, Roel van der Linden NLD & Martin Lukáč SK, Tymon Nogalski PL, Johana Pošová CZ, Vincent Rumahloine IND, Jana Shostak BLR, 

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. 

Contemporary art disregards pathos. It is one of the very few unspoken rules. What if, though, pathos wasn’t meant to be part of the work? It grew alongside the artist’s good intentions while elaborating on burning issues with (preferably) political background. It ain’t hard to loose it and let oneself fall for a pathetic - or worse, “Pornomiserian” - artwork, where form triumphs over content and nothing sounds serious anymore.

A remarkable installation titled Law of the Journey by Ai Weiwei is going to leave the National Gallery in Prague on 7th of January 2018. After more than half a year of settling in Prague, this enormous artwork is departing from Velka Dvorana. Will anyone miss it... Hmm hard to imagine. Yet I couldn’t stop myself from organizing this intervention that somewhat comments on this work by our Chinese superstar.

A pop-up exhibition celebrating the closure of The Law of the Journey both mocks Weiwei’s grandiose installation and simply shows different attempts of dealing with difficult topics via the means of art. Farewell Ai!

concept by:
Piotr Sikora