15. 07. – 30. 09. 2022
Infrastructure of Segregation

RUVK Platform currently deals with the possibilities of interventions in specific locations in the field of housing policies, inclusive city planning and applications design for the non-profit sector. To this end it develops its own methodology, which interrelates design, social sciences and forensic approach. 

For more than two years now, the team consisting of designers, architects, artists, anthropologists, a social geographer and a lawyer, has been working on advocacy for the inhabitants of a municipal block of flats in Slovakia, who are facing eviction. The team have done terrain mapping, evidence collection for court litigations as well as specific interventions. 

RUVK demonstrates, with the help of a forensic approach, how the time-space layers of segregation are placed over one another, which casts a new light on the suspected, yet not quite explicit practices of segregation. Often just latent or hidden, they are deep rooted in local socio-economic structure. 

As part of the INI PROSTOR (SPACE) residency, the RUVK team and the invited guests will prepare an exhibition and events based on its current research activities. The launching of RUVK book “A City for All? Uncovering the Segregation Infrastructure” will also take place in the INI PROSTOR.